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Rainbow Dragonfly
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Finally, pictures.

I added two new pages, one for my rig, and one for my dog.  And, we've started loading the rig.  Weird things are going on with our house and our sale (or non-sale), so I'm not sure when we'll hit the road for good.  However, we are planning some short trips this summer and fall to shake out any kinks and to discover whether what we packed, and how we packed it, will work.  Richard, my DH and the other Wolf on this team, re-screened two windows, replaced two tires and got the spare mounted.  I have to order a tire cover for the spare from Amazon, and I'm sure I'll find many other toys and gadgets I'll just have to have, LOL.  I love Amazon!

One place I definitely want to go before we move out of the mountains is the Grand Canyon.  It is relatively close, and an easy drive from here, too.  I'd also like to take a trip up along Colorado's Front Range.  I've never been to Denver, although it is a city that has always fascinated me.  I'm going to have to find a place to spend the winter too, probably near Phoenix.  We have a wood stove up here and I can't breathe with the smoke.  We could just heat with propane, but it would cost a fortune.

The other items on my list are the same as anyone who has ever really downsized have had.  What to keep, throw, sell or give away.  Aargh!  I don't want to think about it,  I feel like Scarlett O'Hara... I'll worry about it tomorrow.

As many folks say here in Arizona, MaƱana es para siempre (In English "Tomorrow is forever").  In my case, tomorrow can take forever.  Or seem like it.