Rainbow Dragonfly

Rainbow Dragonfly
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dragonfly has new shoes...

er, tires.  That means I had to get tire covers to protect the new rubber.  Off to Amazon to shop.  I got a white vinyl spare tire cover, and four canvas tire covers to put around the tires on the ground.  I also got my Durango some new floor mats.  Waiting for DH to clean out the inside so said mats can be installed into a dirt- and rock-free tow vehicle.  Still waiting.

Next, new blinds or curtain for some of the big windows.  Dragonfly had some new blinds in a closet but apparently they don't want to be installed.  Who knew window coverings had preferences?  My sewing skills are almost non-existent, so I will have to cobble together something with, oh I dunno, staples, tape, or Velcro.  The windows have those old-fashioned three-sided valences on them, making installation of anything difficult for the DIY challenged.  I'll have to ask DH if he can get those off.

You may be wondering why I don't just do this myself?  Well, my lungs don't work well and my back hurts, so doing "stuff" is a problem.  I'm very good at supervising and giving instruction, but DH is not always willing to follow directions.  Those of you who have, or have had, a kinda stubborn partner will know what I mean.  He does the cooking so I can't be ungrateful, just sometimes impatient.

I'm still plotting my escape from the High Country, as we call it in Arizona.  Thinking of at least taking a trip late summer or early fall, when the temps in lower elevations are cooler.  As for where I might want to relocate... my mind is flitting from Oregon, to Michigan, to Maine.  Flitting, like a Dragonfly.